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Bio Technology

CHA IN CHA (Customized Tea)

Operating Hours

Weekdays 12:00~22:00
Weekend 12:00~21:00 (All days Open)

Our clients may enjoy a variety of our immune system boosting teas, available on recommendation according to each individual’s constitution and physical condition.

CHA IN CHA is a space to enjoy various types of tea and receive suggestions and prescriptions for a certain types of tea according to one's constitution and physical condition.
Savouring a quality cup of tea in a relaxing environment helps to increase one's immune system and prevent illness.
CHA IN CHA features over 50 types of high-quality tea, carefully selected and harvested from mountain regions.
Tea Therapy is available only at CHA IN CHA.

Unparalleled Tea Therapy

Tea is prescribed based on each client’s physical constitution.

Ingredients are farmed and harvested using environmentally friendly methods from remote areas of Jeju Island.

The finest quality tea is served using traditional Korean 9 repetition steaming and drying processes.