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Anti-Aging Center

Anti-Aging Center

Chaum’s superior medical services specialize in the “gray zone” between H health and disease in order to both treat patients suffering from diseases as well as restore and maintain their beauty and health. Anti-Aging Center People usually go to the hospital when they have discovered an illness. While many people are not sick, they are not of perfect health either. This area between wellness and illness is called the "Gray Zone".
The professionals at Chaum study your personal Gray Zone and if they identify any signs which may result in illness, they attend to those and offer an extensive range of treatments to make you as healthy as you can be.

Anti-Aging Center Medical Staff

Prof. Eun Kyung Suh

Prof. Eun Kyung Suh

Improvement of Health, Obesity, Chronic Fatigue, Medical Treatment for Foreign Patients

Sector Center

  • Detox Slimming Center
  • International Healthcare Clinic

Experience & Education

  • M.S., Ewha Women's University School of Medicine
  • Former Fellow of Family Medicine, Bundang Cha Hospital
  • Formal Member of Korean Geriatrics Society
  • Specialist of Geriatrics
  • Professor, CHA University College of Medicine
Prof. Ji Hun Yang

Prof. Ji Hun Yang

Integrative Functional Medicine, Anti-aging Medicine

Sector Center

  • Anti-Aging Center

Experience & Education

  • Bachelor of Yonsei University College of Medicine

  • Seoul Central Nursing Hospital

  • Wangsimni Hue Nursing Hospital

  • Hansarang Yonsei 365 Clinic

  • Public Health Work

  • Sinchon Severance Hospital Intern, Resident

  • "Member of the Korean Geriatric Medical

  • Member of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine

  • Member of the Korean Institute for functional Medicine

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Anti-Aging Clinic

This clinic helps you to live a healthier and beautiful lifestyle by slowing down the aging process.
We recommend the Anti-Aging clinic to people with fatigue, sleep disorder, stress, and hormone syndrome.

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Brain Health Clinic

This clinic helps you improve brain function through the Healthy Brain Program and Brain Resistance Training.
We recommend Brain Health Clinic to people with memory loss and aging brain.

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Customized Genetics Clinic

This clinic helps you to predict potential diseases and offers you a customized health plan based on your genes.
Chaum offers Disease Prediction Services, Personalized Nutrition and Exercise, and Medication Care.