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Immune Cell Therapy

Total Cell Clinic TOKYO(TCC TOKYO)'s Immune Cell Therapy : AKC™

AKC™ (Autologous Killer Cell) means a self-activated lymphocyte. AKC Immune Cell Therapy is to inject activated immunocytes : NK cells and T cells of lymphocyte that are extracted from collected blood.
NK cells are capable of detecting cancer cells and destroying them. The AKC™ Immune Cell Therapy is designed to multiply and activate NK cells, which will be injected to kill cancer cells and improve your immune system.

  • Effects of AKC™ Immune Cell Therapy

    Cancer patients are less capable of fighting off cancer cells because of their weakened immune response. It is proven that people, whose NK cells are more active, have a lesser possibility of suffering from cancer. Additionally, an experiment showed that the cancer occurrence doubled for people with less active NK cells by comparing a group with highly-active NK cells to a group with less active NK cells.

    Ability to remove cancer cells

    J.Korean Aced Fam Med, 2008, 29(4),Suppl.
    Immune response in cancer patients is 25% of that of healthy people.

    Cancer incidence according to NK activity

    'NK cytotoxic activity of peripheral-blood lymphocytes cancer incidence' lmai K, Matsuyama S, Miyake S, Suga K, Nakachi K, Lancet 2000)
    When NK activity is low, the incidence of cancer is doubled.

  • NK cell culture technique

    Total Cell Clinic TOKYO(TCC TOKYO) has its own NK cell culture technique, which requires a high level of expertise and knowledge in the field.

    NK Cells releases a protein called porphyrin to make a hole where granzymes go through to destroy cancer cells. On top of that, NK Cells also trigger another protein, a TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL), to induce the suicide of cancer cells.

    Ability to remove cancer cells

    By inducing more than 90 percent of porphyrins and granzymes and more than 40 percent of TRAIL, AKC improves the immune system which enables cancer patients to have a far greater ability to fight against cancer cells It is vital to activate NK cells through the treatment because their bodies have less NK cells than those who are healthy or their cells are not fully activated to destroy cancer cells.