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Thanks to the advancement of medicine, life expectancy has increased significantly, but healthy life expectancy still lags behind. Immunity is a key factor that determines the healthy longevity.

Immune system is a shield of our body against pathogens externally and cancers internally. Immune dysregulation, which affects humans of all age, gives rise to various diseases such as allergic disease, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disease, cancer, atherosclerosis, and psychiatric problems such as depression and anxiety. Sometimes, it causes symptoms that does not conform to any established disease.
Chaum immunity clinic evaluates current state of your immune function based on up-to-date knowledge. We pinpoint the factors that negatively affect your immune function, and address your health issues accordingly. Thus, we are with you in finding healthier you. Aging causes rapid drop of various physiological functions. The aging of immune system is called ‘immunosenescence’. As one ages, bone marrow function decreases producing less immune cell. Also, thymus atrophies negatively affecting its function of nurturing, educating and balancing immune cells. Thus, the elderly are prone to infection, cancer, autoimmune diseases and allergic diseases, and have decreased response to vaccination.

Immunity Clinic Medical Staff

Prof. Soo Yeon Oh

Prof. Soo Yeon Oh

Immunity Enhancement, Micronutrients, Meditation Healing, Disorder of the Digestive Organs, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Sector Center

  • Immune Therapy Center
  • Immunity clinic

Experience & Education

  • 2016~2024 Ph. D. Seoul National University College of Medicine

  • 2013~2015 M.M.Sc. Seoul National University College of Medicine

  • 2006~2010 M.D. Seoul National University College of Medicine

  • Career
  • 2019~current Assistant Professor, CHA University School of Medicine

  • 2018~current Immunity Clinic, Health Life Center, Chaum

  • 2018~2023 Vice chief, Health Life Center, Chaum

  • 2018~2019 Clinical Assistant Professor, CHA University School of Medicine

  • 2018 Completion of Intensive Course of Integrative Oncology, Warnemunde, Germany

  • 2017 Completion of Nutritional Support Team-Professional Education Program, Korean Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

  • 2015-2017 Fellowship in Gastroenterology, Seoul National University Hospital

  • 2014 Selected for Excellent Residents Overseas Short-term Training Program: City of Hope National Medical Center(Duarte, CA), UCLA(USA)

  • 2011-2015 Residency in Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital

  • 2010-2011 Internship, Seoul National University Hospital

  • Member of Korean Society of Internal Medicine

  • Member of Korean Society of Gastroenterology

  • Member of Korean Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

  • Publications
  • Oh S, Lee J, Chun S, Choi JE, Kim MN, Chon YE, Ha Y, Hwang SG, Choi SW, Hong KW. Interaction between the PNPLA3 Gene and Nutritional Factors on NAFLD Development: The Korean Genome and Epidemiology Study. Nutrients. 2022;15(1):152
  • Oh S, Chun S, Hwang S, Kim J, Cho Y, Lee J, Kwack K, Choi SW. Vitamin D and Exercise Are Major Determinants of Natural Killer Cell Activity, Which Is Age- and Gender-Specific.Front Immunol. 2021;12:594356.

  • Oh S, Lee J. Sarcopenia and blood myokine levels as prognostic biomarkers in patients with liver cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma. Clin Mol Hepatol. 2020;26(4):476-479.

  • Oh S, Park Y, Lee HJ, Lee J, Lee SH, Baek YS, Chun SK, Lee SM, Kim M, Chon YE, Ha Y, Cho Y, Kim GJ, Hwang SG, Kwack K. A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase 9 (ADAM9) in Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Their Role as a Biomarker During Hepatocellular Carcinoma Immunotherapy.Cancers (Basel). 2020;12(3):745.

  • Oh S, Lee JH, Kwack K, Choi SW. Natural Killer Cell Therapy: A New Treatment Paradigm for Solid Tumors.Cancers (Basel). 2019;11(10):1534.

  • Oh S, Kim SG, Kim J, Choi JM, Lim JH, Yang HJ, Park JY, Han SJ, Kim JL, Chung H, Jung HC. Continuous Use of Thienopyridine May Be as Safe as Low-Dose Aspirin in Endoscopic Resection of Gastric Tumors. Gut Liver. 2018;12(4):393-401.

  • Oh S, Kim SG, Choi JM, Jin EH, Kim JH, Im JP, Kim JS, Jung HC. Ablation of residual gastric tumor by argon plasma coagulation after endoscopic resection. Surg Endosc. 2017;31(3):1093-1100.

  • Oh S, Kim N, Kwon JW, Shin CM, Choi YJ, Lee DH, Jung HC. Effect of Helicobacter pylori Eradication and ABO Genotype on Gastric Cancer Development. Helicobacter. 2016;21(6):596-605.
Prof. Jin Young Moon

Prof. Jin Young Moon

Rheumatic disease, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, gout, Behcet's disease

Sector Center

  • Immune Therapy Center
  • International Healthcare Clinic
  • Immunity clinic

Experience & Education

  • Ehwa Womans University College of Medicine, Bachelor's Degree

  • Seoul National University College of Medicine, Master's Degree

  • Career
  • Internship at Seoul National University Hospital

  • Residency at Seoul National University Hospital, Internal Medicine

  • Internal Medicine Specialist

  • Fellowship at Seoul National University Hospital, Division of Rheumatology

  • Vice President at Dr. Bae Clinic

  • Division of Rheumatology Specialist
Immunity evaluation
Immunity evaluation

NK cell activity represents the current state of your immune function.
NK cell proportion represents the baseline capacity of your NK cell immunity. It also tells you how well your body is coping with immunosenescence.
Allergen test, food intolerance test, oxidative stress test, autoantibody test and gut microbiome test provide important clues where the immune dysregulation is stemming from. NK cell activity

NK(natural killer) cells kill and clear up virus-infected cells and cancer cells. When the NK cell function decreases, you become more susceptible to infection and cancer. NK cell activity measures interferon-gamma produced by NK cells when they are specifically stimulated. It tells you how competent you are to defend yourself from diseases. Precision medicine

We provide a wide spectrum of genetic tests. Your risks for frequently occurring cancers and chronic diseases can be assessed. Based on these result, health check-up can be planned. Genetic information on personal traits on diet, exercise, caffeine, lactose, alcohol and nutrients can be assessed. Based on these results, a proper guidance on your lifestyle can be provided. If you have atherosclerosis, testing for Clonal Hematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential (CHIP), an acquired mutation of immune cells, may help you to plan how meticulously you have to manage your lifestyle factors. Liquid biopsy for cancer screening offers a chance to detect cancers early on.
Nutrition and lifestyle
Nutritional assessment and therapy
Vitamins and minerals are essential micronutrients that are required to maintain a good immune balance.
Deficiency or excess of nutrients may cause immune dysregulation.
We test blood concentrations of important micronutrients, and fix it to the optimal concentrations suggested by recent studies.
We analyze the supplements you’re taking currently, and we adjust the usage of those according to your current physical state. Diet
We give you a point by point guidance on your diet so that you can have a healthy dietary habit and decrease the dependency on supplements. Mindfulness and rest
We examine how you sleep and rest. Through mindfulness meditation, we promote your capacity to cope with stress. Exercise
We examine how you exercise. We suggest an adequate exercise that can promote your immune function.