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Health Check-up

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Private medical check-up in our VIP Hive Rooms

Our Hive check-up rooms provide privacy and efficiency to make you feel comfortable during your checkups, and remove the stress of having to move from room to room.

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1:1 Customized Medical consultation with your personal physician

Chaum schedules a maximum of 25 patients per day so that our staff of over 40 physicians may provide high quality checkup services.

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One-on-one result consultation

Result consultation on the same day of your checkups; review your physician’s recommended of nutrition and vitamin treatments.

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Radiation exposure management

The world's first radiation exposure management system (CHA-RMS) developed by Chaum

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Chaum's holistic lifelong health control system

14 outpatient clinics, 11 specialized Anti-Aging clinics, customized lifecare plan, follow-up care systems.

Chaum’s State-of-the-art Technology

MRI (Optima 450w)

The first Optima 450w MRI scanner installed in Asia. A shorter, wider MRI design allows for a more comfortable experience.

Minimal Rayser CT

New high-resolution CT system uses low doses of radiation. Radiation dose reduction of up to 83% in cardiac scans and 50% across the rest of the body. Improved resolution 33% higher than the conventional CT scanners.

ExAblate 2100

ExAblate 2000 uses non-invasive MRI-guided ultrasound surgery technology. The ExAblate 2000 is capable of ablating tumors inside the body without the need for an incision. This is an FDA-approved uterine fibroid treatment method for women who wish to be pregnant. Chaum has been the first medical institution in Korea to implement this equipment.


  • CHA Radiation Monitoring System
  • Individual radiation monitoring system
  • Ensuring accuracy by minimizing the radiation dose.